Monday, January 3, 2011

2. Google Earth

I know that most of us have heard of and probably used Google Earth by now.  It has become the standard for quickly viewing just about any spot on the map using satellite imagery.  However, for the past few years, we have been able to do a lot more than that when looking at Walt Disney World in Google Earth.  The entire Walt Disney World Resort is now available in 3D!  What do I mean by 3D?  Ok, so it isn't the 3D that we see at Muppet Vision 3D or It's Tough To Be a Bug or even Captain EO.  It is actually computer generated three dimensional models of the the parks and the resorts throughout the property.  This program allows us to "zoom in" on a specific spot at WDW and then magically tilt our view so that it looks like we are flying just above or through the different lands of our beloved theme parks.  The computer renderings are done very well and the details are phenomenal.

My family is preparing for a trip down to Walt Disney World next week.  Although we go often, this will be our first time staying at the Beach Club.  I have walked by this resort many times while on the walkway around Crescent Lake.   I have also seen many pictures of the resort online.  However, using Google Earth gave me the best and most realistic views of the entire property.  

Another great feature of Google Earth's Disney World is the YouTube links that are embedded throughout the property.  While "flying around" the Beach Club, I clicked on a YouTube link that took me to a high quality home video of a couple who recorded their stay at this resort.  This gave me the opportunity to see views from their balcony as well as a walk through of the lobby.  In addition to YouTube links, there are camera icons that, when clicked,  show you actual pictures tof that specific location.

My blog is all about using modern technology to keep us connected to Walt Disney World.  I can't think of a more modern technology than the detailed digital renderings and "first person" views that Google Earth offers.  All you have to do is go here to download the current version of Google Earth.  After opening the  program, simply type "Disney World" in the search box and then click on the mouse ears to view the property in 3D.  You can also go to Disney's official website to get a quick tutorial on how to use Google Earth for navigating through the 3D version of Walt Disney World.   Just use the search terms Google Earth Disney World in Google.  Click the first link and a short video from Disney's site will start automatically.

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward.  See ya real soon!

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