Friday, January 7, 2011

4. Martin's Videos

As a diehard Disney World fan I am often looking for good video footage of the parks.  Earlier this year, I found a website that I feel has the best selection and quality of attraction videos available.  The name of the site is Martin's Videos and it is located at

Although I have never met Martin, it is obvious that he is a guy who truly "gets it" when it comes to his passion for Disney parks.  He is a Disney fan who decided to use his talents as a videographer and producer to create top notch videos on both current and old attractions.  These aren't just home movies.  Martin takes the time to make mini-documentaries in most of his productions.  His behind the scenes footage and ride track diagrams are amazing.  When watching his videos, I often wonder where he finds some of the historical pictures and concept drawings.  I am always looking for this type of stuff using typical internet search engines, but I rarely find the kind of material that Martin has gotten his hands on.  This guy is very good at doing research and he includes details that you don't see in souvenir type books and videos.

I want to comment on the quality of what Martin puts out.  Again, these are not your typical shaky,  out of focus home videos.  Even the clarity of the footage from the 70's is better than what you'd expect from that time period.  He currently uses an HD camera that provides us with crystal clear video.  In addition to quality, Martin has put out a large quantity of movies.  His work is not limited to just Disney World.  He includes Disneyland as well as the parks in Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong.

Finally, I want to put in a personal thank you to Martin for what he does for us Disney maniacs.  It is hard to believe, but all of Martin's videos are completely free for us to watch.  He could certainly charge a good deal of money for these productions, but he simply provides them to us out of his passion for sharing something that he loves.  I highly recommend checking out his website and catalog of videos.  You won't be disappointed!

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward.  See ya real soon!

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  1. These videos are amazing! Great link, keep them coming!!