Thursday, March 3, 2011

20. Disney Parks Blog

For the first time on the Digital Disney World Blog I am actually going to highlight another blog.  I am speaking of the Disney Parks Blog.  This is the "official" blog of the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort, and the Disney Cruise Line.  It is a great place to get up to date news about what is happening in each of these areas of the Disney Company.  Although most of us are primarily focused on the Central Florida destination, it is fun to see what's going on at Disneyland and with the Magic, Wonder and new Dream cruise ships.

The Disney Parks Blog was started back in the Fall of 2009.  It seems that the unofficial Disney online community had grown to a point where it was time for Disney to get involved.  The internet had become the primary way for fans of the mouse to communicate and it seems like everyone and their sister were starting websites, podcasts or blogs related to the subject.  As they often do, Disney took note of what their adoring public was doing and started the official blog.  It is simply an extension of the website and you can get their by heading to

You can expect daily articles from actual Disney cast members who typically work in the public relations or social media departments.  However, you will see postings from cast members from all different areas of the company.  Most of what is written on the blog is accompanied by great pictures and, in some cases, high quality video.  Like most blogs, Disney allows readers to leave comments on the articles.  It is important to know that the comments are reviewed prior to posting so it is important to keep them relevant and appropriate.

In addition to the current news and information, the site has an archive of all past articles.  The archives are searchable by timeline, category and tags.  You can also search by typing in keywords.  The Disney Parks Blog has only been existence for about eighteen months but there are over 1,000 articles specifically related to Walt Disney World in the archives.  It is fun to browse through past postings on this blog as well as stay up to date with all the current happenings at the parks and on the cruise line.

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward.  See ya real soon!


  1. Hey Dave...any advice on pin trading?

  2. Yeah Seth. Whenever you are standing near a cast member, keep your eyes open for a pin on their lanyard that might interest you. When trading a pin you have with a cast member, keep in mind that they typically don't want to have doubles of a pin on their lanyard. Also, while waiting in lines, look at fellow tourists pin lanyards and strike up a conversation about how they trade. If you haven't changed since our school days, you are very good at doing that!

  3. Thanks wife has purchased lanyards and pins for all the kids and herself, so we will be doing pin trading this May when we go to Star Wars Weekend.