Friday, July 8, 2011

52. The Relocated Tourist

In the first six months of Digital Disney World, I haven't written too often about other blogs. However, there are many excellent Disney bloggers out there and I will be highlighting many of them in future articles. Today, I am excited to feature a blog that tells the ongoing story of a wonderful family "originally" from Wisconsin. It can be found at

Many serious Disney World fans, including myself, have asked themselves this question: "What would it be like to actually move to Central Florida?" For most of us, there have been too many obstacles to fulfill such a dream. However, a short time ago, Amy and Craig Petermann turned their dream into reality. Along with their girls, Kyra and Emily, they left Wisconsin and relocated to Kissimmee, Florida to take up permanent residence right next to Mickey and company.

The Petermann Family
Amy and Craig started The Relocated Tourist blog back in February of 2010 when they made the decision to move to the Orlando area. They had been talking about heading south for many years, but this is when they actually started planning the big move. The Petermanns thought it would be fun to write about the relocation process and what they would encounter in the time leading up to their actual move. Originally, Amy and Craig set a goal to be in Central Florida by July 1st of 2012. They planned to take their time and not rush into making such a huge change in their lives. The plan was for Craig to secure employment in the area as well as have housing arrangements in place prior to the move. However, Craig was lucky enough to land a job with a company in Wisconsin that not only allowed but encouraged the move to Orlando. This accelerated the Petermann plans and they were actually able to make the move almost a year ahead of schedule.

When Craig and Amy started their blog, they had to hide their identities as to not tip off their employers that they were planning to move. In their early articles they went by the names Carl and Ellie Peters. Most Disney fans know the names Carl and Ellie as the loving couple in the Pixar movie UP. When you read their articles, you soon realize that using these names is completely appropriate as the real life Craig and Amy seem to be one of those special couples. They are totally devoted to each other and their two girls, and their strong faith in God is evident in their writings. It is obvious that there is a lot of love in the Petermann family.

The Petermanns wrote over 150 articles leading up to their recent move. Throughout the past year, they wrote about many different topics related to Walt Disney World. They discussed previous vacations, tips and tricks, and some of their favorite things to do.  They also chronicled their feelings and emotions related to their relocation plans.  In reading about this family's journey, you really feel like you are along for the ride.  Since their arrival in Florida about a month ago, Amy has changed the tone from one of anticipation to now enjoying the destination.  While much of Craig's time is being taken up by his job, Amy continues to write about the experience of becoming Florida residents.

Two inspirational people:
Lou Mongello & Amy Falk Petermann
I created Digital Disney World as a way to help us stay connected to the vacation kingdom even when we couldn't actually be at the parks. I can't think of a better way to enjoy Walt Disney World from a distance than to follow the story of a family who basically live in this wonderful place. Since they arrived, the Petermanns have been going to the parks almost every day.  Amy does such a good job in writing and photographing their visits that you almost feel like you are there with them. In addition to documenting their Disney fun, Amy talks about the excitement and joy they are experiencing as well as the difficulties and challenges of becoming comfortable in their new surroundings. She has also come up with some interesting features, such as "Merchandise Mondays," to highlight interesting things sold in the parks.

Someday, my wife and I hope to be like "Carl and Ellie" and follow in their footsteps to live closer to the magic. Although that dream may be in the distant future for us, the Petermanns have certainly proven that a dream can turn into reality when the time is right. They are a great resource for anyone thinking of relocating and they invite people to contact them. Whether you're planning to make a big move or just want to "virtually" follow a family who has done it, I highly recommend reading The Relocated Tourist. I look forward to each and every article and hope to meet Amy and Craig in person someday.

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward.  See ya real soon!


  1. I am blessed and honored to know such a great guy like Dave... he truly is the real deal with a heart for Disney. I look forward to many fun times with our families together in the parks, thank you for showcasing our hard work on the blog.

  2. Thanks Amy! We are so happy to have met such great people like the Petermanns through our blogs. We also look forward to making some fun Disney World memories as we all continue to "keep moving forward!" Thanks Amy and Craig for the continued inspiration!