Sunday, July 31, 2011

56. Walt Disney World Pro App

The team at TimeStream Software has done it again. Back in June I wrote about a great iPhone app called WDW Secrets Notescast. It is filled with secrets, fun facts and "Hidden Mickey Tours." As interesting as this app is, the developers took the idea of providing useful information about Walt Disney World to a whole other level with their latest creation, the Walt Disney World Pro app.

The Walt Disney World Pro app is packed with very useful information for anyone planning a Disney vacation. They have included over 600 professional quality photographs from the parks and resort hotels. There are detailed descriptions of each resort including room features and hotel amenities. If you are undecided about where you will stay, this is a great way to quickly compare the different properties. In addition to using the app to choose a great place to stay, it can also be used to pick out restaurants in the parks to make advanced dining reservations. The dining section includes detailed descriptions of each restaurant along with overall menu items, general price ranges, hours and available discounts.
In addition to the dining and resorts sections, the "WDW Information" section is also a great area to browse while in the planning stages of your trip. It includes an extensive list of topics from annual events to guests with disabilities to WDW phone numbers.  You will also find useful tips on finding WDW characters, traveling with toddlers and even a detailed explanation of tickets, including prices. The "WDW Information" section is an area that can be utilized in the planning stage as well as while enjoying your vacation.
As great as the Walt Disney World Pro app is for helping you plan your vacation, it is even better while you are actually there. I had the opportunity to really test drive the app on my most recent WDW trip a few weeks ago. I was highly impressed. Even as a Disney World veteran, I took out my trusty iPhone many times and fired up the Walt Disney World Pro app. First, it was a handy place to quickly check the park hours. We had park hopper tickets and there were several occasions that I used it to check closing times and extra magic hour schedules. It helped us budget our time in each park. The next area I found extremely useful was the maps section. Now you might be saying, "Why would a Disney World veteran need a map to get around?" Although we didn't need the maps for directions, the information displayed on them was fantastic. You could see the estimated wait times in an instant. This helped in letting us know which areas of the park were least crowded and which attractions to avoid. Also, you could simply tap on an attraction name and you would see a detailed description including the minimum height requirements. This was very helpful with a 4 year old who is currently on the verge of many of these heights! The attraction descriptions are also great for new visitors who would like to learn what each ride or show is all about. Finally, a great feature of the maps section that we utilized on several occasions, was the restroom locations. It was very nice to have this information at our finger tips when nature called!

Overall, I think that if you are looking for an "all inclusive" Walt Disney World app, this one has to be at the top of the list. It is a wonderful app for new visitors as well as experienced Disney vacationers. It is currently available at the iTunes store and costs $3.99. It is worth every penny!

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward. See ya real soon!

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