Sunday, August 21, 2011

61. Main Street Gazette

When you become an active part of the Disney online fan community, you quickly learn that individuals from different areas often come together to be guest contributors, commentators, or writers on a colleague's podcast or website. This is how I have found much of the interesting content that I write about on my site. Today is no exception. In listening to Lou Mongello's weekly WDW Radio podcast, I have heard Ryan Wilson as a guest on the show on several occasions. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Walt Disney World and he is a welcome addition whenever he is on Lou's show. Ryan's primary focus, however, is being the host of his own website, the Main Street Gazette.

First and foremost, the Main Street Gazette can be found at Ryan started this blog, just as many of us enthusiasts have, simply to share his love of Walt Disney World with the rest of us.  What started back in 2007 has grown into a site that is respected throughout the online community. It is full of fascinating info and history related to Walt Disney World as well as other Disney theme parks. One of the things that makes Ryan stand out among bloggers is the shear volume of quality material that he puts out on a regular basis. Most of us write articles a couple of times a week, but you will find new material in the Main Street Gazette each and every day.

Scoop Sanderson
Ryan didn't come up with the name for his website out of the blue. It is the actual name of the newspaper that the character, Scoop Sanderson works for. Scoop is a "streetmosphere" performer on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. Although there is no physical newspaper that can be purchased in the park, it is a part of the backstory that Disney theme parks are so well known for. Most guests that wander up and down Main St. will never know that there is a town newspaper, but those of us like Ryan certainly appreciate these little details that can be found throughout Walt Disney World.

The Main Street Gazette features a different theme for each day of the week. Starting on Sunday, the topic is "Disney This Week" where a list of other bloggers and websites are listed with their corresponding articles. Mondays feature all types of interesting writings under the heading of "Perspective." As a big fan of Disney World history, the Tuesday articles feature some of my favorites as they talk about the "World of Yesterday." Wednesday is another day that I don't miss when it comes to the Gazette as Ryan writes all about the food that can be found throughout Disney World under the title "Disney Delish." If you check out the website on Thursdays, you will find the "Photo Safari" where great Disney related photos are posted with their descriptions. On Friday you will find articles written about specific areas of the park in the  section entitled "The WDW Record." Finally, on the first day of each weekend, you will find "Silent Saturdays." On these days, Ryan posts a simple, yet very high quality photograph from somewhere on Disney property. These pictures are worth a thousand words so there is no accompanying article.

I could go on and on about the great content that you will find over at the Main Street Gazette, but you really have to go to the site and experience it. In addition to what I highlighted above, Ryan has guest contributors as well as special features. For those of us who need a Disney World fix on a daily basis, I have yet to find a better location on the internet. I highly recommend checking out the Main Street Gazette. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward. See ya real soon!

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