Friday, August 26, 2011

62. New Feature - Daily Digital Photos

I have been writing this blog for almost eight months and I've really enjoyed sharing my views on how to stay connected to Walt Disney World through modern technology. I have been blessed to have befriended many great people and fellow enthusiasts in the online community. What started as "one little spark" back on New Years Day has really grown into a hobby that I look forward to indulging in a couple times each week. When I first started Digital Disney World, I would be lucky to get 10 "page views" per article and I am proud to say that the site is now averaging over 50 views per day. It is rapidly approaching 5,000 overall views since the beginning. This is in no small part to the many online friends who have been gracious enough to spread the word about my blog through mentioning it on their own sites. I am truly grateful for their support. I also want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have enjoyed reading my thoughts over the course of the last eight months.

I have decided that it is now time to take Digital Disney World up a notch. In addition to the articles I will continue to write on modern technology and Disney World history, I am now going to add another hobby of mine into the mix. As I mentioned in one of my earliest posts back in January, I am somewhat of a photography nut and tend to lose control with my digital camera and iPhone whenever I am on a Disney World vacation. Since 2002 I have taken over 3,500 pictures at our home away from home, and I would like to start sharing some of them on this website. It just makes sense to be featuring digital photos on a website entitled Digital Disney World.

I will be posting a Digital Disney World Picture (DDW Pic) each and every day. Some of these will be of obvious park icons while others may be a little more obscure. I may include family members at times, as well as random strangers.       I will also include a brief description or story to go along with the photo. My goal is to bring you a little Disney World magic on a daily basis. You are welcome to save any and all photos to use for your wallpaper or screensaver and I would love to see comments about any pics that peak your interest.      I again would like to thank everyone who has visited this site and hope you continue to enjoy Digital Disney World!

Have a Disneyriffic Day and remember to keep moving forward. See ya real soon!

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