Friday, September 16, 2011

67. Disney Shawn

One of the wonderful things about "blogging" is that anyone who is a little computer savvy can share their thoughts with the world via the internet. It has been a great tool for many of us Walt Disney World fans to write about the place we love. However, most of us don't live near a Disney park, certainly don't work for the company, and in most cases don't have any professional writing experience. Disney Shawn is different.

Shawn Slater, known as Disney Shawn in the online community, is a communications manager for the Walt Disney Company and lives in the Orlando area. He has also done stints as a professional writer for Walt Disney Entertainment as well as Walt Disney Imagineering. Like many of us, Shawn has a passion for the Disney parks and he decided to turn this passion (and talent for writing) into one of the best blogs I have come across,

Since the blog started in March of 2009, Shawn has published over 650 articles! This is an impressive amount of material in just over two years, however its the quality that is truly amazing. Shawn focuses primarily on writing about the attractions that are found in the Disney parks throughout the world. He doesn't focus on the basic stuff that can easily be found on commerical websites and in guide books. What you will find at are the incredible details that most guests never hear about or see. He discusses the history, backstory, and overlooked features of each attraction. His articles aren't limited to the attractions, as he also writes about different areas or lands in the parks, as well as the resorts. In addition to the interesting content, every posting on                                                   includes high quality photos.

Although my interest lies primarily in Walt Disney World, Shawn does a good job of covering the other Disney destinations as well, particularly Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. As someone who has only visited the Florida parks, it is fun to read the comparisons with the others. It is especially nice to see the great photos from the other locations. At the very least, Shawn has helped to increase my desire to eventually get to every Disney theme park. is a must read for every serious Walt Disney World fan. Whether you are interested in the history behind the attractions or would just like to learn about the hidden details, I highly recommend that you check out Shawn's work. It didn't take long for me to add this great blog to my favorites list!

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward. See ya real soon!

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