Tuesday, November 8, 2011

79. Tikiman Pages

The Polynesian was one of the three original resorts on Walt Disney World property, along with the Contemporary and Fort Wilderness Campground. When it opened on October 1st, 1971, it was called the Polynesian Village Resort Hotel. One of Disney's deluxe resorts, it sits on the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon and has the theming and feel of a tropical island in the South Pacific. Although I have only stayed there once, back in the late 80's, I have visited the Polynesian on a majority of my vacations. Whether it was for a character breakfast at 'Ohana or to rent a Sea Raycer speed boat, the Poly has always been a favorite of mine. For anyone who has visited or is considering a stay at this Magic Kingdom resort, there is one definitive fan website that simply must be bookmarked. It can be found at Tikimanpages.com.

There are many websites devoted to specific resorts and attractions, but Tikiman Pages has to be one of the best. Although it is an "unofficial" site, it looks very professional and has an amazing amount of content. It was created over ten years ago by Disney World fan, Steve Seifert. Steve does a great job of mixing interesting stories about the history of the Polynesian with useful and up-to-date information about the resort. His attention to detail and passion for the this tropical paradise make Tikimanpages.com tops among Disney World fan sites.

Tikiman Pages contains four major sections. First, the "Home" page contains the latest articles from Steve. This is also where you find the basics about the resort under the headings of Amenities, Dining, Planning and Longhouses. Each of of theses areas contains the overall details about today's Polynesian, including information on shops, restaurants and the resort rooms. In the Longhouse section, for example, you will find specific facts related to the different buildings as well as the pros and cons of staying in each one. Again, the level of detail that Steve includes is nearly unbelievable. You can even hear an audio clip of the pronunciation of each of the longhouse names. Speaking of audio, while you are browsing the home page you are treated to music tracks that can be heard around the resort. This just adds to the complete Tikiman Pages experience.

Polynesian Under Construction
The second major section of this website is completely dedicated to the history of the Polynesian. As a Walt Disney World geek, this is my favorite area of Tikimanpages.com. Steve does a great job of documenting the complete story of the resort from construction, to additions, to what we have today. Also, he includes some fantastic and rare photos from throughout the years, along with artist renderings and diagrams. This area of the site is great from both a historic as well as nostalgic perspective. Browsing through the pictures helps to bring back great memories of visiting with my family over the years. The material that Steve shares here is significant to diehard Disney fans, as he preserves the heritage and the stories that otherwise may be lost as time continues to pass.
The third section of the Tikiman Pages falls under the heading of "News." This is where Steve keeps us abreast of the current happenings at the Polynesian. He writes one or two articles a month about everything from construction updates, to resort rumors, to special events. If there was something interesting or new coming out of this resort, you would certainly read about it here.
The final area of the website is the "Links" section. Here you can find Steve's favorite websites related to Walt Disney World. There are links to trip planning sites, info sites and even other unofficial resort sites. I have reviewed many of these here on Digital Disney World. Steve's list is comprehensive and I have discovered some websites here that I hadn't seen before.

Tikiman Pages is one of those websites that I had heard about in passing but hadn't really explored until recently. To say that I'm impressed is an understatement. For anyone who has even a slight interest in the Polynesian Resort, this site should not be overlooked. I highly recommend checking out Steve's site at Tikimanpages.com. You won't be sorry!

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  1. Have you checked out my latest site. I would be curious as to your thoughts on it.




  2. Steve.....your latest site looks fantastic. I was browsing it today and like how easy it is to read through the history sections on my smartphone. I am also very impressed with how up to date your info continues to be, even including news from Disney's latest press event. Keep up the great work!