Wednesday, November 30, 2011

84. The Relocated Tourist - Part 2

For the first time on Digital Disney World, I am re-visiting a website for a follow-up. Back in early July, I wrote about The Relocated Tourist blog created by Craig and Amy Falk Petermann. On their site, Amy and Craig have told their story of moving from Wisconsin to Central Florida to live close to the Disney magic. They started writing about their intentions to relocate back in February of 2010. Along with their two daughters, they made the big move in June of this year, and have brought us along for their continuing journey.

After settling into their new home in Kissimmee, the content of the blog changed quite a bit. Leading up to the move, they mostly talked about the preparations that were necessary to make this huge life change. They wrote about everything from the practical aspects of relocation to the emotions they would have to deal with in leaving the security of their familiar surroundings to start living their Disney dream. Once they became Florida residents, they began discussing the challenges of acclimating to their new life. With Craig working full time, Amy is at the helm of The Relocated Tourist and she has done an outstanding job of keeping the blog fresh and continuing the story of the Petermanns.

Since my original article in July, Amy has added many new features to the blog. The two most recent additions have prompted me to write this second article on The Relocated Tourist. First, a few weeks back, Amy introduced a new section of the blog entitled Insp"ear"ationals. The strength that the Petermanns have shown in having the guts to make such a big change and follow their dream has been very inspiring to those of us who read their blog. Many people have written to them expressing gratitude for sharing their story. Because of this, Amy decided to allow readers to share how they've been inspired on the site. For several people, the Petermanns have provided the inspiration needed to help them decide to relocate. Others, like myself, have been inspired to continue to follow our passions knowing that our Disney dreams can also come true. Amy was nice enough to post my story in the newly created Insp"ear"ationals section of The Relocated Tourist.

The most recent feature was added to the blog just a few days ago. It is a series of short videos called Atmosphere Adventures. These video logs or "vlogs" are simple little recordings taken on the most incredible handheld device available today. For those of you who are regular readers of Digital Disney World, you know that I can only be talking about the iPhone. In a nutshell, Amy walks through an area of Walt Disney World and takes a roughly three minute video of the surroundings (atmosphere). There isn't any unnecessary narration or editing. It makes the viewers feel like we are actually walking through the area ourselves. For most of us who are diehard Walt Disney World fans, our love for this place isn't just about riding the rides. Most of us enjoy the "feeling" we get just walking around the parks. Amy understands this and helps to bring those feelings to us through these new video segments. I normally don't review such new material, but this concept highlights what Digital Disney World is all about. I can't think of a better example of "using modern technology to stay connected to the vacation kingdom" than posting current iPhone videos from the Disney parks. I look forward to each new Atmosphere Adventure that is posted and hope that this is a permanent feature of The Relocated Tourist!
The Petermanns' blog has really become so much more than the story of a relocated family. Even if you aren't considering making a big move to Central Florida, there is much to enjoy on The Relocated Tourist. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy and Craig while on my most recent Walt Disney World vacation over the summer. They are truly wonderful people who I owe a debt of gratitude. After my first article on The Relocated Tourist back in July, Amy mentioned Digital Disney World on Facebook. They also included my blog in the "Favorite Links" section of their site. Shortly after, my readership grew rapidly and that trend has continued ever since. I can't recommend The Relocated Tourist enough, whether you are considering a big move or just enjoy everything about Walt Disney World!

Have a Disneyriffic Day and remember to keep moving forward. See ya real soon!

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