Friday, January 20, 2012

94. Illuminating Epcot Blog

There are a bunch of great blogs related to Walt Disney World. I have written about many of them over the past year. For the first time, I am going to highlight a blog that is completely dedicated to one theme park. It is called Illuminating Epcot, and I'm pretty sure you can guess which park is featured.

Mark was started back in 2010 by Mark Weaver. He is a huge Disney fan, father, husband and self proclaimed nerd (aren't we all?). He had been going to Walt Disney World for ten years and loved talking about it. Mark's main outlet for his reflections had been his wife Elizabeth, who has become a converted Disney enthusiast and contributor to the blog. He finally decided to publish his thoughts on the internet. He chose his favorite park as the focus and Illuminating Epcot was born.

Illuminating Epcot is really two websites in one. First, it is a great place to go for general information about the park. There are tabs across the top that include Epcot History, Future World, World Showcase and Illuminations. There is also a special tab specifically for Spaceship Earth, being the park icon and most significant attraction since Epcot's opening. In addition to the informational aspect of the site, there are also the traditional "blog" articles. These articles are written by Mark and Elizabeth as well as two other contributors. There is Jennifer Ginn, a Disney Vacation Specialist who writes on a variety of Epcot subjects, and Ashleigh who writes articles for the "Food Corner" section of the blog. All four writers do a nice job of bringing us interesting viewpoints and stories related to Walt Disney World's second theme park.

As a big Epcot fan myself, I appreciate the material that can be found on The group puts out a couple articles per week, on average. Like most good Disney blogs, they include some great pictures with each posting. In addition to their opinion and perspectives, they also provide us with timely news info. Most recently, Mark wrote an article about the upcoming Test Track refurbishment. It is here that I learned that this attraction will transform into the new "Chevrolet Design Center." I look forward to learning more about Epcot with each new post. If you are a fan of this park, I highly recommend heading over to!

Have a Disneyriffic Day and remember to keep moving forward. See ya real soon!

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