Sunday, January 1, 2012

DDW Pic 128. Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club

Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club
The Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club at Pleasure Island was quite a place. I spent many nights partying here, back in my college years. When it first opened in 1989, it was called the XZFR Rockin' Rollerdrome. It wasn't long before Disney decided that mixing rollerskating and drinking might not be the best idea and it was re-themed in 1990. The live rock bands that played here were great and the dance floor was usually packed. Unfortunately, the club closed in early 2008 and the rest of the Pleasure Island nightclubs followed suit by the end of that year. Shortly after this picture was taken in January of 2010, the Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club was demolished. Although it is gone, I will always have great memories of spending time with friends here.

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