Thursday, January 26, 2012

DDW Pic 149. The Great Movie Ride

The Great Movie Ride
When you think of classic attractions at Hollywood Studios, one of the first that should come to mind is The Great Movie Ride. Like most attractions containing moving ride vehicles, it is not easy to get good photos without using a flash. However, on our most recent trip, we were sitting in the very back row of our moving theater car and I got a couple of interesting shots. I was able to take this picture when the ride stopped in the "gangster" scene. I placed my camera on the vehicle itself to assure that there would be no movement as I snapped the picture. This shot of the abandoned pool hall once again shows the ridiculous attention to detail that Disney puts into everything. It also shows how well they stick to the story and time period of whatever they are portraying. You can see the garbage on the ground (including a beer bottle) as well as the small sign that reads "This place CLOSED for violation of the National Prohibition Act." These are details that most guests don't even notice as their ride vehicles move through the scene. I will be posting a few more shots from The Great Movie Ride in the near future.

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