Sunday, January 29, 2012

DDW Pic 152. Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth
When you look at this photo, most of you will probably wonder where this can be found in Spaceship Earth. This is another example of Disney's amazing attention to detail in something that most guests don't see. When this attraction was refurbished in 2007, a scene depicting the invention of the personal computer was added. It takes place in a garage with an audio animatronic figure, who most believe is a cross between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (the co-founders of Apple), creating the first computer. This elaborate scene takes place on the left side of attraction. I have been on Spaceship Earth many times since 2007, and like most guests I've never even thought to look to the right, which is completely dark. Well, on my recent trip something caught my eye and I snapped a quick picture. Much to my amazement, the other side of the garage was illuminated by my flash! This is something that is normally difficult to see because it is barely lit. Disney could have gotten away with simply making this a black wall and 99% of the guests wouldn't know the difference. However, Disney knows that a few of us look for the details, and they do a great job of pleasing us by creating scenes like this. The next time you are on Spaceship Earth, look to the right!

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