Friday, February 3, 2012

DDW Pic 157. Walt Disney

Walt Disney - Partners Statue
This is a close-up of the Walt portion of the Partners Statue in the Magic Kingdom. He is holding Mickey's hand who is out of the frame. The statue was installed in the center of the "hub" in the summer of 1995. If you zoom in on Walt's tie you will see a small emblem with the letters STR. This was the emblem of the "Smoke Tree Ranch." This is a working ranch and favorite getaway of the Disney family in Palm Springs, California. Walt built a vacation home at this resort where he would go to relax. He actually sold the home in 1954 to help finance Disneyland but purchased another one at the ranch in 1957, after the park was up and running. The STR emblem on the tie of the Walt statue is another example of a detail that is completely overlooked by 99.9% of guests. However, sculptor Blaine Gibson made sure to include it as he wanted to create an authentic likeness of Walt. He succeeded!

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