Thursday, April 26, 2012

DDW Pic 240. Avengers Monorail

The Avengers Monorail
This shot of the Avengers monorail was taken only about a week after it debuted. I was standing in front of the entrance to Bay Lake Tower when I took it. Like the "Tronorail," which was used to promote the movie Tron Legacy, the Avengers monorail is promoting this Marvel film that is coming out on May 4th.  A few years ago, we wouldn't see anything related to Marvel anywhere on Disney property, let alone a billboard made out of a monorail.  However, since Disney purchased Marvel in 2009, we are slowly seeing the infusion of this comic book franchise into the Disney parks. Since Universal Studios still currently has the rights to theme park attractions like The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man and the Incredible Hulk Coaster, we won't be seeing them make their way down I-4 in the near future. However, it won't be long before we see Marvel rides showing up in Disney theme parks around the world.  For now, it is fun to see this eye catching monorail make its way around the Seven Seas Lagoon.

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