Tuesday, June 12, 2012

117. GooglinWDW.com

Back in October, I featured a really fun website called PrettyGoodMovieRide.com.  From the title, you could probably guess which attraction it is based on.  The site's creator, Glenn Whelan, basically replaced the clips from the end montage of the Great Movie Ride with "pretty good" movie clips, while keeping the original soundtrack.  The result is an amazing and professional production that can't help but make you smile.  While that website is very entertaining, Glenn outdid himself with his latest creation.

As a huge fan of modern technology, I love to see when creative people use it to highlight Walt Disney World.  Most of the websites and apps dedicated to "The World" give us good information and history about the attractions, restaurants, and resorts. GooglinWDW.com is not the typical Disney fan website.  It does, however, pay tribute to one of the best attractions to be found anywhere. Most people love Soarin' and enjoy their flight over the beautiful landscapes in California.  However, the average guest probably doesn't know what parts of this huge state they are actually seeing on the 80 foot tall IMAX screen. Glenn Whelan has changed that with his creation of GooglinWDW.com.

Google Earth is a very useful software program that I featured in the second article I ever wrote for Digital Disney World. It allows us to get satellite views of just about anywhere in the world. There are also great 3-D renderings of many areas, including Walt Disney World.  Glenn used this technology to its fullest in GooglinWDW.com. Basically, it is a video that is split into three screens. There are two smaller screens on the right hand side and a larger one on the left.  The upper right screen is the actual Soarin' movie that we see when riding the attraction.  Underneath it, you'll find the overhead satellite view of the areas we are flying over. The real treat, however, is what is on the larger screen on the left. Here, Glenn shows us an animated version of the 3D renderings found on Google Earth. All three of the movie screens are perfectly synced together, along with the Soarin' soundtrack.
Personally, I am in awe of this website from a technology perspective. However, for those actually interested in the geography of Soarin, Glenn does a nice job of letting us know what parts of California we are seeing throughout the attraction. As each new scene starts, it is labeled under the large screen. There is a second label, on the right side, that tells us what is coming next. It is a very professional looking production.

If someone told me that GooglinWDW.com was created by the Disney company, I would have believed it. However, Glenn's work on The Pretty Good Movie Ride was top notch, so the high quality of this new website is definitely not surprising. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next. If you are a fan of Soarin, or just love seeing modern technology in action, I highly recommend checking out GooglinWDW.com.

Have a Disneyriffic day and remember to keep moving forward. See ya real soon!

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