Thursday, June 21, 2012

DDW Pic 296. Tutto Gusto

Tutto Gusto
This shot was taken inside the new Tutto Gusto "Wine Cellar" at the Italy pavilion in Epcot. It is attached to Tutto Italia Ristorante, which is the fancy Italian table service restaurant. After a long day of touring last Friday, I was looking to try the pizza at Via Napoli. They had no availability, so I walked into Tutto Gusto to see what it was all about. Much to my delight, I didn't need a reservation and the hostess asked if I'd like a high table, low table, or couch. After walking more than 10 miles that day, the word couch sounded very inviting.  Even though this restaurant focuses on the wine, they also serve light meals. I ordered a couple of delicious mini sandwiches that were served with a small side salad. I also learned that you could order off of the menu from Tutto Italia. This is a hidden gem for those who can't get a last minute reservation at the "Ristorante." You can relax on a couch and still get served the same food that you would have enjoyed next door. I will definitely be heading back to Tutto Gusto in the near future.

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