Friday, July 13, 2012

DDW Pic 318. Saratoga Springs Pool

Saratoga Springs - Grandstand Pool
This is the pool in the Grandstand area of Saratoga Springs Resort. It is themed to an oval horse racing track complete with water spraying quarter poles. There is a nice, large set of stairs to enter the pool and there is plenty of shallow water for smaller swimmers. Although it isn't the "main" pool at this resort, the Grandstand pool is certainly a good size. This area also contains a hot tub as well as a splash pad for the kids.


  1. We stayed there (in the Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs) in early June, 2012. Saratoga Springs is also our "Home Resort" for our DVC membership. A beautiful resort that does remind me of upstate New York. I grew up near Binghamton. The Treehouse Villas are a peaceful and very pleasant area. If anyone ever has the opportunity to stay there, grab it! S. Hunter Smith

    1. Thanks for the comment S. Hunter. I agree that Saratoga is a great resort. We have stayed there several times and always enjoyed it. We hope to stay in the Treehouse Villas in the near future. Thanks for visiting Digital Disney World!

  2. I never been to Saratoga Spring when I visited Disney, Is it located nearby Disney?

  3. Yep! Saratoga Springs is located right on Disney property adjacent to Downtown Disney. It opened in May of 2004. Originally, this location was home to the Disney Village Resort and then the Disney Institute. Thanks for visiting Digital Disney World!