Thursday, August 9, 2012

DDW Pic 345. Casey's Corner Piano Player

Casey's Corner Piano Player
Jim the piano player is a Magic Kingdom treasure. He has been tickling the ivories in front of Casey's Corner for many years. He is extremely talented and very friendly. He takes requests from guests and even let's kids hit notes on the piano with his guidance. I took this picture a few days ago while giving a tour at the Magic Kingdom.


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  2. Went to Disney World and took the kids. They love all things Disney. My daughter Susie hung around Jim, entranced, and he taught her to pluck a few of the keys. She was on cloud nine. Now she wants to take piano lessons! Jim wields more power than he knows!

  3. Yeah Ed....Jim is great! He is a real fixture at the Magic Kingdom and has put smiles on thousands of guests' faces!