Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DDW Pic 365. Fort Wilderness Railroad

Fort Wilderness Railroad
Many of you who saw the title of this picture are probably saying, "What railroad?" Unless you visited the Fort Wilderness Campground in the 1970s, you probably wouldn't have known that there were steam trains that traveled around this property. However, I heard that there were still "remnants" of this railroad that can be seen if you look hard enough. Last month, I went on a quest (a very long walk) to find any artifacts from this extinct attraction. As I was walking along one of the main roads, I spotted these railroad ties and felt like I found a buried treasure. From what I've read, the railroad was a fun mode of transportation to travel around to the different campsites, but due to maintenance and safety issues it didn't last very long. However, several of the coaches were transplanted to Pleasure Island and used as ticket booths for many years.

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