Thursday, November 8, 2012

DDW Pic 436. PeopleMover Evacuation

PeopleMover Evacuation
Disney is known for their top notch customer service and high quality attractions. However, even though the rides at Walt Disney World work perfectly 99% of the time, there are those rare occasions where an attraction may break down while guests are riding it. I experienced such a situation while riding the PeopleMover yesterday afternoon. You can see from this photo that guests are walking along side the ride vehicles. Early in our ride, the "train" came to a stop in front of Progress City, which is the model depicting Walt Disney's vision for Epcot. The lights came on, and after about five minutes of waiting, there was an announcement that a host or hostess would be with us shortly. Although many guests would feel inconvenienced by this, I got excited because I knew we were going to be "evacuated" from this attraction. Sure enough, we were led through a "secret door" and down a flight of stairs through a backstage area. It was a small maintenance workshop that is never seen by the public. Unfortunately, a cast member was walking right next to me and he kindly asked that I didn't take any pictures. After passing through this area, we found ourselves in the Mickey's Star Traders gift shop. The cast member who escorted us off the PeopleMover gave each guest a special FastPass that could be used at the Magic Kingdom for any attraction for the next seven days. Disney always does a good job at compensating guests when they have a negative experience. I was just happy to get a backstage peek!

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