Saturday, November 17, 2012

DDW Pic 445. Gaston's Tavern

Gaston's Tavern
Here is another shot from my preview of the "New Fantasyland" section of the Magic Kingdom. This statue sits directly in front of Gaston's Tavern. The Tavern is a great reproduction of the tavern in The Beauty and the Beast. Although this location doesn't serve alcohol, you can get something called 'LeFou's Brew.' It is a frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam. Although it has a different taste, it certainly reminds me of Harry Potter's 'Butterbeer' from that other theme park up the street. The inscription below the statue reads: "Tribute to Gaston. An extravagantly generous gift to the humble people of my village. From me, Gaston." That certainly sums up this entertaining character!

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