Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DDW Pic 463. Happy Birthday Walt

Partner's Statue
Today would have been Walt Disney's 111th birthday.  He was born on December 5th, 1901. I know most people don't live to the age of 111 (although my nana is 102 and still going strong), but it is hard to believe that he has been gone for nearly 46 years. It is sad that he "created" Disney World, but never actually had the opportunity to see it. However, there is little doubt that he would be proud of what this amazing place has become. His legacy will always live on in his theme parks. I took this photo of the "Partners" statue just a few weeks ago. It is at the very center of the Magic Kingdom, in front of Cinderella Castle. It was sculpted by Blaine Gibson and installed on June 19th, 1995 as a fitting tribute to a man who brought joy to so many people.

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