Sunday, December 9, 2012

DDW Pic 467. New Test Track

New Test Track
I had the opportunity to ride the recently re-opened Test Track tonight. Disney did an incredible job at updating and re-theming this already popular attraction. It now has a "design" theme as opposed to the traditional testing theme of the prior version. Although it uses the same track layout, everything else about the ride is completely different. In the "pre-show" portion, guests design their own automobile using four different parameters. This is done on large, touchscreen kiosks. They are given a score based on their designs and each design is stored on a credit card style memory device. Each vehicle holds six passengers, and throughout the ride, each guest's scores are posted on digital boards. The ride takes place inside of a computer and has a very "Tron" inspired feel. It really feels like you are now experiencing an attraction that belongs in Epcot's Future World. This picture is of the car I designed on my first ride. You can see the four parameters that are used to design your vehicle on the left side of the picture. If you were a fan of the original Test Track, you should really love the new version. If you are also a Tron fan, this may very well be your new favorite attraction!

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