Monday, December 17, 2012

DDW Pic 475. Test Track Post Show

Test Track Post Show
I recently posted a picture from the queue of the new Test Track, as well as a full "on-ride" video. Tonight, I am featuring a photo from the "post-show" area of the attraction. Prior to the ride, I designed this car and it was stored on a credit card sized piece of plastic. My design was judged against the other guests in my vehicle at four different spots on the ride. After exiting the ride portion, you walk into an area with many interactive exhibits. There are several large photo spots, like the one you see in this picture. You touch your "card" to a kiosk and your car design gets loaded. You then choose a background and enter your email address. The next step is to stand in front of the large screen where your photo is taken with your car design. Within minutes, this picture was emailed to me and I was able to pull it up on my smartphone. This is an example of how Disney is constantly using new technology to enhance the theme park experience.

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