Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DDW Pic 498. The Land - Backstage

The Land - Backstage
So here is a view that you don't see everyday! As a matter of fact, you may only see it on one day per year. This is a backstage area at the Land pavilion at Epcot that was being used as an exit for Soarin' on New Years Eve. When I took this picture, I was standing right outside of the exit doors that are located near the Soarin' bathrooms. It was a great idea for Disney to utilize this exit on that day, as it would have been very difficult to head back upstairs and out the normal exit doors for The Land. The wait times for Soarin' approached five hours and the pavilion was very congested with people trying to get to this very popular attraction. It was fun to see Epcot from this perspective. In the distance, you can see the building with the hump that actually houses Soarin. All of the guests who used this exit actually came out near the back of Imagination, near the restrooms for that pavilion. New Years Eve is certainly an interesting day to visit any of the Disney parks. I gave a tour to a family of 11 that day, and thankfully they saw just about everything with very minimal waits. I certainly utilized all of my strategies and experience on that day!

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