Saturday, January 12, 2013

DDW Pic 501. Push - The Talking Trash Can

Push - The Talking Trash Can
Ok, so you are probably looking at this picture and wondering where the talking trash can is. First of all, if you've never seen it, this normal looking trash can rolls around Tomorrowland and interacts with guests. Kids absolutely love him, and most people get a good laugh when they converse with "Push." When it comes to the use of technology, I've always been the type of Disney World fan who wants to know "how they do that." The next time you are in Tomorrowland and you come across the talking trash can, take a good look around the area. Chances are good that you'll see a "tourist" wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, with one hand in a bag and the other near his mouth. As you can see in this picture that I snapped last week, the brains and voice behind "Push" is a cast member who blends into the crowd rather well!

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