Friday, January 25, 2013

DDW Pic 514. Saratoga Springs Resort

Saratoga Springs Resort
On this day, back in 2002, Disney announced it would be closing the main campus of its "Disney Institute" to open a new Disney Vacation Club property. The Disney Institute was introduced in 1996 as a place where guests could go to learn a specific skill while on vacation at Disney World. Guests could participate in over 80 programs including subjects like animation, gardening, and photography. Unfortunately, Disney didn't have the attendance they hoped for and soon realized that most guests didn't go on vacation to be educated. On January 25th of 2002, they announced that a new Disney Vacation Club resort would take the place of the Disney Institute. Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort was built on that property. This picture is from when I stayed there with my wife and son back on July 4th of last year.

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