Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DDW 567. Muppet*Vision - Cast Member

Muppet*Vision - Cast Member
I had the opportunity to chat with a cast member at Muppet*Vision 3D today. She was a very nice lady who has been there since the early days. She shared her story with me, and I couldn't resist posting it here.

This sign hangs in the "security post" just inside the entrance. There is a mat on the ground with an actual key under it. This particular key is attached to the rug so it can't be taken, but this wasn't always the case. In the beginning, my new cast member friend played a roll in placing the key under the mat, on a regular basis. Her husband, who had passed away, worked at a GM plant. He had several key rings from his job that held more than 150 keys. Well, this wonderful cast member decided it would be fun to place one of these keys under the mat, so the sign would be factual. However, when a child discovered it, he or she would often take the key as a souvenir. So the cast member would routinely replace it with another of her husband's keys. Eventually, she parted with all 150 of them and Disney decided to affix a permanent version under the mat. You have to wonder if any of those 150 guests realize what a special souvenir they actually have. This lovely cast member helped the memory of her husband live on through the smiles of the children who found his keys.

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