Friday, March 29, 2013

DDW Pic 577. Animal Kingdom - Asia

Animal Kingdom - Asia
The landscaping at Disney's Animal Kingdom amazes me. Although the park didn't open until 1998, Disney started preparing the land several years before. Sixty dump trucks of dirt were delivered to the site every day over a two year period, and more than 4 million trees, plants, shrubs, and ground coverings were planted. I took this shot of Asia last week from across the Discovery River near the Theater in the Wild. I was waiting for my guests to come out of Finding Nemo - The Musical.


  1. 60 dump trucks...that's all? That number sounds small to me - that' less than two/week !

    600 sounds like a more reasonable number....what what do I know?

  2. Nice catch! It should have read 60 dump trucks EVERY DAY! I have fixed it!