Saturday, July 13, 2013

DDW Pic 683. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Big Thunder Mountain was recently refurbished, and it now includes an interactive queue. Since I almost always use FastPass for popular attractions, I hadn't yet had a chance to walk through the stand-by line. Today, I got that chance when my little man insisted we wait the 40 minutes so he could ride the runaway train. This is one of those instances where everyone should endure the longer wait at least once. This queue is a lot of fun and the time goes by fast. There are many things to look at as well as "hands on" type stuff. This picture shows a blasting plunger that guests can use to create a new mine shaft by blowing a hole in the mountain. When one of these is pushed down, you see an "explosion" somewhere on the mountain. My son loved causing these explosions while waiting to board the coaster.

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