Saturday, September 7, 2013

DDW Pic 739. Fountain View Starbucks

Fountain View Starbucks
The Fountain View Ice Cream Parlor at Epcot has officially completed its transformation into the second Walt Disney World Starbucks. We had the chance to visit this "new" location tonight. The ice coffee was delicious (as expected), and the decor fit into the theme of Future World. The Main Street Bakery Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom is certainly more "decorated" to tell a story and fit in with the Main Street, USA theme. However, the controversy about bringing Starbucks to this iconic spot in the Magic Kingdom was not an issue in the Epcot version. Epcot simply lost an ice cream parlor in favor of a coffee shop. If you look closely in this shot, you'll see my wife and son posing to the right of the entrance doors. 

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