Thursday, January 30, 2014

DDW Pic 884. Bonjour Village Gifts

Bonjour Village Gifts
As I was waiting in line at the Magic Kingdom Starbucks today, I was standing behind a gentleman who looked familiar. It turned out to be Phil Holmes, the Vice President of the Magic Kingdom. While we were waiting for our coffees, I introduced myself and we had a brief conversation. It was fun to chat with the man in charge of the most popular theme park in the world. Later in the day, I found myself walking past Bonjour Village Gifts in Fantasyland. I remembered that there was a unique portrait with the likeness of Phil Holmes hanging in that store, and I couldn't resist taking this shot. Although it doesn't have a label with his name, there is no question it was painted to look like him. It also shows his "40" ring on his right hand, signifying his 40 years with the Disney company. There are other fun references in the portrait including Dumbo's peanuts, Aladdin's lamp, and a map of the Magic Kingdom in the open book near his left arm. It is a nice tribute to a man who started as a host at the Haunted Mansion when the park opened in 1971, and worked his way up to the top job at the Magic Kingdom!


  1. Very perseptive! He's a real sucess story..... another being yours!!! Doodles dad.