Friday, February 14, 2014

DDW Pic 899. Fire Chief Smokey Miller

Fire Chief Smokey Miller
Fire Chief Smokey Miller is one of the "citizens of Main Street" at the Magic Kingdom. He has been a fixture there for years. Smokey is a friendly cast member who loves to interact with guests. This morning he even led the welcome show to open the Magic Kingdom. I took this shot this afternoon as he was driving around the hub in his fire engine.


  1. I remember Chief Miller when he was the emcee of the Diamond Horseshoe, he is also a member of the Pirate Band Rusty Cutlass that includes another of his former cast of the Horseshoe, and a couple of Dapper Dans, and he even performed with the dans at one point, I did not see it myself but theres a photo I've seen of him on Flickr in a Dans costume with other Dans in the shot. Before he was Fire Chief Miller he was for a time Councilman Miller, and WDW memories podcast has a video of a Christmas show with Councilman Miller at the Train Station. Additionally he was one of the first cast to portray "Mac" in the pirate tutorial and was featured in that role in a video for that contest to "be a cast member for a day" (or something along those lines), and Rickey Brigante was one of the winners you'll recall), I've put audio of him up in episode 28 of the Mousin it up podcast both from the Horseshoe, and in the musical skit the Citizens of Main street used to perform and I bleive his wife is a CM too a former member of both the Comedy Warehouse and the Ziti Sisters, who are soon to end their run in Italy at Epcot.

  2. Wow Brian....this is all great info! Thanks for sharing!